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Putting others first
By Stuart Kerner

Many, many years ago a king ordered that a great race should be held in his kingdom, and all the greatest and best athletes should be invited to compete.  The prize was to be a bag of pure gold, which would be presented to the winner who would cross the winning line at the gates of the royal

The king personally started the race, before returning in his coach to the gates of the palace to greet the winner.  Halfway through the race, however, the runners discovered a huge pile of stones and rocks blocking the road that led to the king's palace.  Despite this setback, the runners were able to clamber over the rocks or find a path around them, and they eventually made it to the gates of the palace.

At last all the runners had crossed the finish line – all except one, that is.  Nevertheless the king did not declare the race to be over.

Eventually one lone runner came running through the gate. He raised his bleeding and bruised hand and said, ‘Your Majesty, I am very sorry that I am so late. But you see, I found a pile of rocks and stones in the road, and it took me some time, and I injured myself in removing them.' Then he lifted the other hand, in which was a bag. He said, ‘But, Sire, underneath the pile of rocks in found this bag of gold.'

The king said, ‘My son, you have won the race, for the one runs best is he who makes the way safer for those who follow.'

The last runner was rewarded because he took responsibility for what was

wrong.  If a chair falls over in class, do you pick it up, or walk round it? If an accident occurs or you do wrong, do you own up or say ,'It's not my fault'?  Do you consider the needs of others before your own?  Perhaps helping others is its own reward.


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