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Reputations (The fear of God)
By Stuart Kerner

There were once two brothers who were always up to no good. You knew that if your window had been broken by a cricket ball or if fireworks had been tied to your cat, it would almost certainly have been the work of these two mischievous young men.

It got to the stage where the boys’ mother didn’t know what to do about her sons, so she asked the local minister to come round and talk them into changing their evil ways. She hoped that the minister could put the fear of God into them.

When the minister arrived he requested that each boy be sent in to speak with him separately.

The youngest of the two boys came in first, and the minister asked him:

‘Where is God?’ But the boy did not provide an answer.

The minister asked again, in a louder voice: ‘Where is God?’

The first boy kept his silence. When the priest asked the same question a third time, the boy shot up out of his chair and ran away.

He bolted immediately to his brother. ‘We’re in big trouble!’ he exclaimed.

‘Why? What's happened?’ asked the older boy, cautiously, trying to think which of their misdeeds had finally caught up with them.

‘God is missing’, said the boy, ‘and they think it’s something to do with us!’

Does your reputation get you blamed for everything?


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