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Troubled waters
By Stuart Kerner

Many years ago a man sold a well to his neighbour, but when the neighbour went to get some water from the well, the man stopped him saying:

‘I only sold you the well, not the water in it. If you want the water too you’ll have to pay more.’

Naturally the neighbour refused to pay and took the dishonest man to court seeking justice. Once both men had been allowed to put their case, the judge asked the man who had sold the well:

‘As you only sold the well to your neighbour, you have no right to keep your water in it. You must pay rent to your neighbour for using his well or else remove your water immediately!’

The swindler realized that he had been outsmarted, bowed to the judge and left the court, cursing himself for trying to be so clever and yet failing so miserably.

Sometimes when we think we’re being clever by getting something over on someone, we’re actually being pretty stupid!  Honesty is the best policy.


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