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Be careful what you wish for
By Stuart Kerner

Once in a far off land many years ago, there lived a poor stone-cutter who was unhappy with his lot in life. He longed to be happy and wished as hard as he could to be more powerful. Now this land was one full of magic and strange powers and it so happened that the stone-cutter wished so hard, he got his wish. With a gust of wind the stone-cutter was transformed into a rich man, riding on his own camel in fine clothes and beautiful jewellery.

As he rode, the stone-cutter thought to himself, ‘I wish I was more powerful … I wish I was a king. No one is more powerful than that.’ And once again his wish was granted.

Now he rode on a fine white stallion, with a crown of gold upon his head. As he rode on, the stone-cutter – now a powerful king – was caught by a great gust of wind which tore off his crown and sent it flying high in the air.

The stone-cutter thought for a moment before deciding that he wanted to be the wind, which was certainly more powerful than any king and could move anything it wanted. Lo and behold, the stone-cutter was transformed into a raging current of air which blew through the land, shifting everything in his path.

That was until the great wind came up against the side of an enormous mountain which simply would not budge. And, as you’ve probably guessed, the discontented stone-cutter wished he could be a great mountain standing proud and impenetrable, and through the magic once again he transformed into the object of his desire.

As the stone-cutter looked out across the land enjoying the feeling of strength and power, he noticed another lowly stone-cutter chopping large slabs from the bottom of his mound. The mountain saw this and longed with all his heart to be a stone-cutter again, as clearly such a man had the power to tame even the greatest peak.

So finally, as the mysterious powers once again transformed the stone-cutter, he at last realized that the grass is not always greener and perhaps he should have been content with his lot in life in the first place.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it, and then the chances are you’ll quickly tire of it and long for what you had!  Appreciate what you have and make the most of your talents.


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