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An end-of-term assembly

By Manon Ceridwen Parry

Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2


To reflect on endings and what it means to say goodbye (SEAL theme 7: Changes).

Preparation and materials

  • A list of words for goodbye in different languages (see section 3 below).


  1. Explain that it’s nearly the end of term (or half term) and you want to say goodbye to the pupils.
  2. Say that you think it will be interesting to see how many words for goodbye we know in different languages.

    Ask the pupils to tell you words for goodbye in other languages. Repeat each word and get everyone to say it with you. (This is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of cultures/languages in the school.)
  3. Explore the fact that different words for goodbye have slightly different meanings. (Show the list of words and explain their derivations.) These words all mean goodbye but each has a different slant.

    –  hwyl fawr              Welsh           big fun
    –  adios                    Spanish       you’re going to God
    –  au revoir               French         till we meet again
    –  auf wiedersehen  German       until we see again
    –  aloha                     Hawaiian     love and peace (to say hello and goodbye)
    –  ciao                       Italian           I am your slave. I will be there for you
                                                           (to say hello and goodbye)
    –  shalom                  Hebrew       Peace

    Comment on how lovely it is to wish each other `peace’ and `fun’ and `love’ as we leave.
  4. But saying goodbye can be difficult. Sometimes we try to get over this by making jokes. We say, ‘See you later.’ . . . ‘Not if I see you first!’

    If I said to you, ‘See you later, alligator’, would you know what to say back? It’s, ‘In a while, crocodile’ (from a 1955 song by Bill Haley and the Comets, written by Bobby Charles).
  5. But even after hearing all those different words, the only word I want to use is ‘goodbye’. Why? Because it means, `God be with you.’ Over the holidays, this is what I wish for you.

Time for reflection


We thank you, God,
for all the languages we can speak
and have learned about today.
Help us to show peace and love towards one another.
We pray that we will have lots of fun over the holidays
and that we will remember that wherever we are,
you are there, too.


Song and music

‘Shalom’ (Come and Praise, 141)

You might like to download ‘See you later, alligator’ by Bill Haley and the Comets to play as pupils leave.











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