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Rapid Response:
Rapid response assemblies are provided on the site when there is an event in the news, good or bad, that touches children's lives, so we can offer you a way to acknowledge it in your collective worship.

Royal baby arrives (Whole School)

Women can be leaders, too (KS2)

A very special moment (KS2)

Royal baby joy (Whole School)

Neil Armstrong (KS2)

Buckets of Water? (Whole School)

Floods in Pakistan (KS2)

Famine in East Africa (Whole School)

Can you make it rain? (KS2)

Disaster in Japan (KS2)

When you're not chosen (KS2)

A royal engagment (Whole School)

Let the captives go free (KS2)

The triple natural disaster in Indonesia (KS2)

Rescuing miners in Chile (KS2)

Extreme weather in Pakistan, China and Russia (Whole School)

Dealing with disappointment (KS2)

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (KS2)

When the north-west wind blows:
Volcanic ash and flying Brits (KS2)

Earthquake in Haiti (KS2)

Indonesian / Pacific Earthquake (KS2)

MPs and expenses (KS4/5/Whole School)

Swine flu (Whole School)

Fires in Australia (Whole School)

Water, water everywhere (Whole school)

Gun and knife crime (KS2)

Red Nose Day (Whole School)

Cumbria train accident (Whole School)

Why can't I play? (KS1)

How do you feel today? (Whole School)

Indonesian earthquake (KS2)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Whole School)

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan earthquake (KS2)

What is Fairtrade? (KS2)

Boxing Day Tsunami (KS2/whole school)

Tsunami disaster appeal (KS2)

Tragedies (KS2/older children)

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