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Secondary: Rapid Response Assemblies

Rapid response assemblies are provided on the site when there is an event in the news, good or bad, that touches children's lives, so we can offer you a way to acknowledge it in your collective worship.

> Rapid Responses...

Title Suitability
Women can be leaders, too KS3/KS4
Neil Armstrong KS3
Discovery of the Higgs Boson? KS3/KS4
Anders Breivik KS4/KS5
The Costa Concordia and the Titanic Whole School
Floods in Pakistan Whole School
Drought in Africa KS4/KS5
The News International phone-hacking scandal Whole school
Can you make it rain? KS3
Middle Eastern turmoil KS4/KS5
When you're not chosen KS3/KS4
Myanmartastic! Aung San Suu Kyi's release Whole school
The triple natural disaster in Indonesia KS3
Dealing with disappointment KS3
Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico KS3
Indonesian / Pacific Earthquake Whole school
A reflection on the life of Michael Jackson Whole school
MPs and expenses KS4/KS5
Swine flu Whole school
Jade Goody's life and death KS4
Fires in Australia Whole school
The banking crisis KS4/KS5
The wind and the rain and the weather Whole school
China earthquake Whole school
Burmese typhoon (Typhoon Nargis) Whole school
China and Tibet: Olympic Games protests Whole school
Thy Kingdom come - The 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade Whole school
The Da Vinci Code Whole school
The London terrorist attacks: two-minute silence KS3
The London bombings - Resisting terrrorism Whole school
Death of Pope John Paul II KS3
Indian Ocean Tsunami Whole school


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