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There are a growing number of books using material from this site. They organise the assemblies into different categories making them a handy pick up and use resource that is much appreciated by teachers.

The Assemblies Resource Book

A selection of assemblies tried and tested on the site, for anyone who needs a good idea fast. Indexed by theme, content and target group, with options for class and individual preparation, or for instant use, this collection has become a lifeline for busy teachers and others.


Assemblies Resources through the Year

The collection covers Christian Festivals and Themes, Stories from the Bible, Festivals of World Religions, and includes many ideas for citizenship and personal development.


Harry and Megan DVD

Five short video stories to help children think about the new things in their lives and living together as friends.


Primary School Assemblies for a Just World

Provides a rich variety of assembly material that explores and explains global development issues for primary school children.


SEAL Assemblies for Primary Schools

The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme is a UK government initiative designed to help children and young people develop social and emotional intelligence. Lively, engaging and immensely practical, this book is a valuable resource for primary school teachers and clergy who wish to implement the SEAL curriculum.


Secondary Schools Assemblies Resource Book

Contains the following sections:

  • wisdom and advice on daily life and behaviour
  • important issues of life
  • Christian seasons and key times of the school year
  • the Bible and inspiring people
  • a final section of 'assemblets' short tales with a twist that can easily be committed to memory and used when time for reflection is short.


More Secondary School Assemblies

The lively and engaging material covers Christian festivals; stories from the Bible; PSHE-related material and ethics-related assemblies.


> Other books

A selection of books that teachers and those who take assemblies have found useful:

Understanding Children Understanding God by Ronni Lamont

A practical book by the editor of this site that outlines current thinking on child development and spirituality, and brings them together to propose effective ways to work with children.

"Those who find educational theory hard going will find the writer's lucid and personal style both accessible and interesting. It is not just about children but about ourselves and our own innate spirituality that may have been buried in adulthood."
RE Today

"Should be on the bookshelves of every church leader, and form part of the basic training of all volunteers who work closely with children."
Church Times


The God Who Leads Us On by Ronni Lamont

Retelling the Bible stories from a first-person perspective. Suitable for older children.


Ethics for GCSE by Peter Jackson

This illustrated textbook covers the syllabus for students focusing on ethics from a Christian perspective. It provides questions, examples and case histories to engage pupils at every stage and at every level.


More Christian Assemblies for Primary Schools by Sharon Swain

This book is full of contemporary ideas and activities for ten weeks of class or whole-school assembly particularly suitable for church schools.


The Peacemakers Pack

An action pack which uses film, music, photography and other media with the aim of improving understanding in the UK between Christians, Muslims and others.

The pack contains:

  • an innovative DVD
  • a photo-images catalogue of peacemakers worldwide
  • a guide for educators, teachers and group leaders.


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