Standing Assemblies

By Gordon and Ronni Lamont

Suitable for KS2


To contrast life in the West with life in parts of the developing world, using the experience of mothers as an example.

Preparation and materials

The main part of the assembly takes the form of a simple poem with three different speakers. You will need to rehearse three good speakers and you could expand the material by adding simple mime or still pictures. See Using Drama in the Resources section for some general ideas and advice.

  1. Introduce the theme of the assembly - thinking about Mothers in different parts of the world. Discuss any recent news stories about the developing world that the children may know of.

  2. Introduce the poem.
    I'm number one, a very busy mum.
    I have so much to do looking after everyone.
    Jobs in the home
    Jobs outside
    People want me all the time
    But I take it in my stride.
    I'm number one - a very busy mum.

    I'm number two, I'm waiting in the queue.
    I'm at the water well you see, then there are beans to stew.
    I'll walk two miles back
    With water on my head
    I make this journey twice each day
    I'd love a tap instead.
    I'm number two, I'm waiting in the queue.

    I'm number three, I am you and me.
    I'm not a mum, I'm just the one she works for, you see.
    All over the world
    And just around the block
    In Africa and Europe too
    Our mums just don't stop.
    I'm number three, I am you and me.
  3. Discuss the poem, drawing out the differences between the two lives. What sorts of things did number one mean when she said, 'I have so much to do looking after everyone?' Do the children know anything about the lives of people, especially mothers, in the developing world? If we're all 'number three', what could we do to help 'number one' and 'number two'?
Time for reflection
Dear God
Thank you for mums all over the world.
Thank you for the things they do to look after us and help us.
We think of mums in this country,
We think of mums in the developing world.
They all work hard.
Help us to help them in any way we can.

'Thank you God' (Come and Praise Beginning, 20). Use the words, 'Thank you God for all our mums'.




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