Festivals of World Religions - Introduction

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Welcome to the Festivals of World Religions section of assemblies.org.uk

In this new section, produced in response to requests from users, you'll find assemblies linked to the major festivals of world religions.

The aim of this section is to offer background information about the festivals and to draw links between the issues they explore and the daily lives of children.

Launched in September 2002, this part of the site will grow as new assemblies are added from time to time.

Teachers may well have personal knowledge about particular festivals or have children in school with the appropriate faith background. In these cases we encourage you to adapt and personalize the material. Children could perhaps introduce songs that they know or tell how they celebrate the festival.

In some cases, such as the Hindu festival of Ganesh-Chaturthi, there are regional variations of the story and the nature of the celebrations. Children may know a different version.

The date given for each festival applies to the current year. Please note that the exact date will, in most cases, vary from year to year.

Christian festivals

Assemblies related to Christian festivals and seasons such as Easter, Harvest, Advent and Christmas remain on the main site and will continue to appear month by month. All assemblies can now be found in the archive, using the search facility, and many Christian festival assemblies can be found there.

The writer

This special series of World Religion assemblies was originally written by Caroline Donne, a religious programmes producer for the BBC World Service. They are now being augmented with assemblies from Primary Assemblies for Religious Festivals, published by SPCK in August 2012.

Contacting us

If there is a particular festival, event or season that you would like to see represented on the site, please contact us with your suggestions. Please bear in mind that we usually work a couple of months in advance in order to have assemblies on the site in good time.

Festivals of World Religions - Assemblies

Assemblies for Festivals of World Religions

Title Suitability
The Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha'i Festival) (added 2012) Key Stage 2
The Muslim Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr-ul-Fitr Whole School
The Muslim Festival of Eid ul-Fitr (added 2012) Key Stage 2
The Birthday of Haile Selassie Whole School
The Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death Whole School
Maulid Al-Nabi: Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Whole School
The Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi (Baisakhi) Whole School
The Baha'i Festival of Ridvan Whole School
The Jewish Festival of Purim Whole School
The Hindu Festival of Holi Whole School
Chinese New Year, or Yuan Tan Key Stage 2
The Jewish Festival of Tu B'Shevat Whole School
Tu Bishvat: The New Year of Trees (added 2012) Whole School
Bodhi Day (Buddhist Festival) Key Stage 2
Bodhi Day (added 2012) Whole School
The Birthday of Guru Nanak (Sikh Festival) Key Stage 2
The Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: A Sikh celebration (added 2012) Key Stage 1
The Hindu Festival of Divali Whole School
Divali: Festival of lights (added 2012) Whole School
The Jewish Festival of Hanukah Whole School
Hanukkah (added 2012) Whole School
Ramadan (Muslim Festival) Key Stage 2
Ramadan (added 2012) Key Stage 2
The Prophet's Night Journey and Ascension (Muslim Festival) Whole School
Al-Hijra (Muslim Festival) (added 2012) Key Stage 2
The Jewish Festival of Sukkot Whole School
Sukkot (added 2012) Whole School
The Jewish Festival of Rosh Hashana Whole School
Rosh Hashanah (added 2012) Whole School
The Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur (added 2012) Whole School
The Hindu Festival of Ganesh-Chaturthi Whole School
The Hindu Festival of Raksha Bandhan (added 2012) Whole School
The Hindu Festival of Janmashtami (added 2012) Whole School
The Jain Festival of Paryushan (added 2012) Whole School

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